Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Proving Nuclear Fusion

Bubble steam through liquid water.
1 H2O+TU->He+O+E2+X-ray
Here the turbulence is caused by the steam rising up through the liquid water. The olf bubble surfaces rash togetehr, at atmospheric pressure+. So as the bubble cllapses, it sets off nuclear fusion.
Which causes a new bubble. Thsi why boiling water gives off X-rays. You can check this with a flask of boiling water and a Geiger counter. There is no other source of X-rays.
Use the Geiger counter on the water, before and during boiling.

The best way is to flay steam from a steam line, into liquid water. Measure the Geiger counter reading and temperature rise of the water.
This sceince was established on the steam barges in the 1950s. Steam causes the very rapid boiling of water.
So all these 'clever' scientsits studying the linear flow of H gas around a torus – never going to fo nuclear fusion. You need to pass the steam up a helix – as told to me 2000 by Dr Z. A very clever man. Who's major funders were nuclear power, and was embarased he had found out how to do nuclear fusion.

So pump room temperature H gas around a helix at 4 atmospheres, and the gas heats up as we are doing nuclear fusion. We only get H gas at 500oC. Realyl we want 6 atmospheres, and a H gas of 1200oC.
For Molecular Nuclear Fusion, pump steam around the helix. But as soon as we take the heat out, the water condenses. So use H gas. Infinite free power, that uses very little H – we replace via electroysis of water.

Which is massive free heat, without Fossil Fuels, CO2 or enriched uranium. But the idea really belongs to Dr Z. But he does nto want the credit – what ever.

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