Monday, 31 October 2016

Nuclear power illegal

After Chernobyl, every operating nuclear plant needed insurance cover of 40 billion: without it, government lawyers can't give the plant operating permission.
Sizewell B came on stream with insurance of 50 million – as there is no commercially available insurance above 1 billion. So Sizewell B has NEVER operated legally. And you do not buy your way around the law.
British Nuclear owe the tax payer 3 billion UK pounds in compensation. And the plant manager and regulator got a collected 3 millennia in jail.
Hankley B's planning expired in 1990. So every year 10 million in compensation, and 10 years in jail. 300,000 billion at 1984 levels – the last time I saw the regulator.
And now we have had Fukishima, and the required insurance has risen to an impossible 100 billion. For all 20 operating plants in the UK, and 200 in the US.
So British Nuclear owes the taxpayer 6 billion dollars – and every nuclear plant in subject to an immediate stop order.
The total flouting of planning will ensure no Hinkley C will ever get operating permission – no matter how much money EDF offer. You don't buy the law – that is commercial corruption.
So in the US, nuclear power owes the tax payer 60 billion – if its plant could get valid insurance – they can't. The UK and US army have the legal duty to enforce immediate stop orders on nuclear power.
Politicians have no power – Emergent Thatcher had no legal powders to over rule the full Royal commission required: Extending an existing plant was legal. Building a whole new plant was not!
And Sizewell a was demolished in 2006 – and with it, its planning permission. Sizewell B never got retrospective planning – so has always operated illegally.
Oil prices have crashed, so if the cost reduction had been passed on, conventional power would now be at 04 UK pence per kW hr. Nuclear power in 1984 was at 2p per kW hour. Hinkley C would only be commercially viable at 8p.
But there is no valid insurance, so construction of the plant would be illegal. EDF and the Chinese backers would not be allowed to lay 1 brick – without valid insurance and a full Royal Commission.
The continuing operation of Hinkley B, means such a commission would be an open and shut removal. No planning. No payment from the UK government. No operating permission.
But now nuclear fusion is here. We convert regular water into massive power. Lightening does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU-He+O+E2+X-ray
Which teaches us a 1m x 2cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres would produce a constant 8.6 MW of heat. Small turbines have an efficiency of up to 48%. Large turbines only 10%.
So our single glass tube would produce 1.76MW of power. The national grid will pay the plant manager 3000 UK pounds per kW year (kWy). 51 billion annually. From a plant costing under 50,000. It will pay back in 8 hours.
No toxic uranium fuel – it uses regular distilled water – 2.5 UK pounds for the fuel for 500 years. No CO2. Global Warming ended 21 years ago – only another 7 years until the NATURAL CLIMATE starts warming.
An electric hammer will collapse the plasma, and stop the nuclear fusion. So no impossibly high insurance required.
So start up capital of 50 K, and annual income of 50 billion. No planning or insurance problem. Now British Nuclear needs to stop all its plants, and pay the 6 billion fine. And make a start on that 6 millennia in jail.
And in the US the fine is 60 billion. And the same in mediate stop order on nuclear power – back dated to 1984.
 I have been publishing for 8 years, using a Carnot heat exchanger to replace a cooling tower: Dr Zimmerman suggested a helical turbulence heat exchanger to be the most efficient design – an idea from his chemical engineering group. Whoever thought of it – a genius.
This would allow 9 1mx2cm steam plasma tubes at 4 atmospheres to run a 100mW power station, off 1.8x10-18cc of distilled water a year. And not heavy water – the plasma enriches its water.
2 H++e- ->n0
3 1H++r n0->1+eH+ ->Er3+L+X-ray carbon 0,fress power H fission – 2 times the power of Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and no solid waste
4 16O2++4 n0 ->8H++6e-+E O->8Hs
5 H2O->Er3+2e- carbon 0, free non toxic power
No plutonium or other solid waste. 1.8x10-17cc of regular water to generate 100MW of free power.
And the plant with cost ¼ of a million pounds – rest of the plant 50K. Plant pay back time 3.4 days. Annual income 30 billion. Unlimited carbon neutral power. Using 3x10-12cc of regular water, before the sun swallows the Earth.
No CO2. Uranium fission only converts 1/64th of its mass into power, and generates plutonium -the most toxic substance known to man: this was the original idea of nuclear piles – power generation was a hyper toxic after thought.
Germany and Japan will not do! The world's only power plant builder are the French. The best lovers and worst engineers in the world – the 2 are linked.
Now ever U nuclear plant needs insurance cover of 100 million – not available. 50 million is 0.5% of the required cover.
So EVERY nuclear plant should stop – in 1984. A fin e of 10 million and 25 years in jail for ever plant, for 32 years. This is the most criminal activity on Earth. Firearms manufacture is totally sate in comparison.
Margaret Thatcher had no authority to approve Sizewell B. That required a full Royal commission. Sizewell A was demolished in 2006 – and with it, all semblance of planning permission.
Hinkley A had planning until 1990. Hinkley B NEVER had planning con sent. Totally illegal plant. That CAN'T be extended – and its planning can't be extended by ITS OWN engineers – it never had planning.
10 million and 25 years for each nuclear plant in the UK, which has operated will no insurance since 1984. 5 billion owed to the UK taxpayer. And the managers imprisoned for 6 millennia – now is probably a good time to get your CV and leave.

Change you name, move to Argentina and set up a tapas bar. You will never work in engineering again.

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