Saturday, 22 October 2016

Nuclear power illegal

After Fukishima, every operating nuclear power plant needs insurance of 100 billion. No commercial insurance above 1 billion is available. After Chernobyl, the required insurance was 40 billion. So nuclear power owes 20 million per plant for illegal operation.
The plant manager get 10 years in jail for every year of illegal operation.
You want a zero carbon power scheme? When you heat up CO2 and H to 300 – 400oC, you get methane and water. So you generate power, and use the heat of the waste steam to heat the exhaust gases – and send them into a chamber, where we add H from electrolysis.
So we get back our natural gas. All the time we are converting water into H and O gases. So no CO2 levels the plant. We are using up a tiny volume of regular water – and producing 0 carbon power.
Another idea is to fire up a steam turbine. This gives off heat, X-rays and light.
1 H2O+TU->E3+L+X-ray E3=8.6MW/m from a 2cm plasma.
The plasma burns the matter into heat, X-rays and electromagnetic radiation. The neat closed loops of electromagnetic radiation are opened up.
So we take a 1mx1cm plasma tube at 4 atmospheres. It produces a constant 1.2MW, from 2x10-17cc of regular water a decade: matter is VERY dense energy.
We extrude a triangular glass tube, and we have three thermoelectric pads on the tube. They should generate a constant 75kW of clean, non polluting electricity.
We heat the house electrically – 0 C. We sell 50kW to the national grid. That is 150,000 UK pounds as a annual income: the power company pays you! 0 C – so no man-made Climate Change. But global photosynthesis on the land and seas caps CO2 at a global average of 2 parts per million. 200 ppm – not on this planet.

fabricated data – for nuclear power. In the US they have 200 nuclear power plants, that have been running without sufficient insurance for 30 years! 750 billion as a legal fine.
And the managers get 6 millennia in jail. The most illegal, polluting and toxic industry that will ever exist.
So for 30 years, no academic could research anything for them. All the papers on Global Warming and Climate Change warrant a jail term for the individual – and the instant closure of the academic institution. Including Columbia, Yale and Harvard.

So a steam plasma tube does safe, free and clean Molecular Nuclear Fusion. No carbon.

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