Saturday, 22 October 2016

Nuclear fusion on Earth

 We do the electrolysis of water, and then burn it back to water.
1 H2O+e- ->2H++O-
2 r(2H++O-)+O2+SP->r(H2O+E)+n(He+O3-+E3+X-ray)+e- SP=spark
This is a massive reaction. Just reforming the water is a feeble thing – and would not emit X-rays. The second reaction is nuclear fusion.
It emits massive energy, produces Helium, massive energy and X-rays. So almost half the mass of the H ion ends up as energy.
This is a massive energy system. We do not have to add the fusion energy, that comes from the conversion of 2Hs into He. So nuclear fusion is that easy.
So we run a small electrolysis cells, and recombine the gases does nuclear fusion – so we get massive energy, with excess oxygen, and a whiff of He gas.
This is why old gas light, abd presebt camp lights give out light.
3 CH4+(r+1)O2+SP->(CO2+(2-r)H2O-E)+r((He+O3+L+X-ray+E3)
So any chemistry or physics department in high school can prove nuclear fusion. Anote, oxidising methane takes in heat! The enthalpy decreases. It is only due to the nuclear fusion going off, we are used to a flame of methne giving out heat.

Any only nuclear processes can give out visible light and X-rays. So you do nuclear fusion, when ever you use a gas flame.

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