Saturday, 1 October 2016

Nobody can prescribe drugs

HIUS clears cancers, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, IBS and all infections: see my other posts for details.
So since 2002 no Dr has been ethically allowed to prescribe biochemistry. They must use High Intensity UltraSound from their 8W 3MHz ultrasound device.
Anybody can buy their own HIUS kit and cure all infections and diseases in under 1 minute. The bellow is a commercially sourced, medically licensed device.
Product Details
So this means NOBODY can prescribe drugs – expect for trivial applications, like antiseptics. So Dr.s have lost their monopoly on health.
By continuing to prescribe defective biochemistry, they are now struck off: their solum prpromise was to strike themselves off, if they used defective medicine – well get a move on! Stop killing your patients.
Their health insurance is invalid, so nurses must bar their entry to health centres or hospital. They are no longer permitted to dispense medicine. No longer allowed to kill their patients horribly.
People can apply the above device for ½ a minute to their chest, throat and nose and cure all infections, stopping the development of cancers, heart disease, diabetes, mental health problems, asthma, IBS... Even Huntingdon's Korea.

So no need ever to see a Dr, or visit a hospital. Which will save the UK tax payer 120 billion a year. No way should we pay struck off Dr.s, and they all have been. As they prescribed biochemical treatments for cancers etc..  Copy this to every Dr you know.

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