Tuesday, 25 October 2016

No NetForm

I just saw my professor friend – plaid and working on his Mirror. He told me he had type 2 diabetes – and was on 4 NetForm pills a day. I got him to come into my house, 10 feet away.
'I used to work on UltraSound, and the Americans found High Intensity UltraSound cleared cancer 14 years ago. I found out a 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage unit was HIUS.' I explained.
I gave him half a minute to the lower right of his rib cage. 'Type 2 remits pretty instantly, type 2 has a 3 day delay in remitting' I explained while I removed his diabetes.
I could see the colour flood back into his face – he ended up ruddy faced: like he spent his life outdoors sailing – which he does.
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I used up the 4.5 minutes on the device timer, by doing his wrinkles and head. These devices are sold to clear wrinkles.
And me cleaner likes the Zen moment ultrasound gives him. His hair has also started to regrow: he really needs his own device, and 5 minutes a day to get all his hair back.
So I showed the prof his completion in a mirror: my American friend with type 1 described it as like his insulin shot in the morning - for ever – after 3 days.
So no NetForm ever again.So no NetForm ever again. All Dr.s have a 8W 3MHz ultrasound device which clears type 2 diabetes in 20 seconds: type 2, 3 day delay in remitting.The patient feels nothing – and it does not interact with any medication.
So all Dr.s should try it – it is BEST MEDICINE.
 Biochemistry has been defective, criminal medicine since 2002. Any Dr prescribing defective medicine is struck off – so must return the last 14 years' wages, and has voided their pension.
Sign my petition on https://www.change.org/p/ama-gmc-nhs-uk-government-clear-bowel-cancer  

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