Tuesday, 11 October 2016

No foreign doctors

The Hippocratic oath applies all over the world. As biochemistry is criminasl medicine in the UK, so all over the world. Foreign doctors have been prescribing biochemistry as a answer to cancer.
This has not been ethical for 14 years. So they are desiprate to come to the UK, where they get a salery – for dispensing defective, criminal medicine. But they can't.
If they have been prescribing defective medicine, they are struck off – their health insurance is invalid. If they come to the UK, they are nto registered Dr.s.
They can't work in medicine anywhere is the world. All the prescribing medics in the UK are also not registered Dr.s.

All senior doctors are also bound by the hippocratic oath – and are nto allowed to assist with fatal medicine. So any senior nurse who has assisted with biochemistry also not a registered, insured medic.

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