Thursday, 13 October 2016

My story

In 2000 I got on a PhD at sheffeild – this is in my book.
2008 I had ny first poem published and a song on the radio: I have written 3.
I now have 9 books on and amazon.
I got singing on stage – but mike has now retired.
Cambridge university are hassling me about doing a medical PhD on cnacer. The department of health are trying out the ideas – meically published in the US 14 years ago.
The simplest happy ending is my singng – real life is more complicated.
Since Alison died, I have nto has a new girlfriend – I fly Debra around the world.
Claris just handed me a note, saying she thought I was really talented. And I like her – help.

So oyu have my permission to do the film – which will be your take on my autiobiography. So 1 person of my story. It is a good story – which need telling.

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