Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Massive free heat

Every 3 minutes around the world there is a lightening strike: a 1.5km by 2cm partial steam plasma, that makes 5 tomes of helium and ozone gases.
1 H2O+O2+Tu+e-->He2++O3++2e-+E3 E3=2.5x1030 W from E=mc2
Hence the heat and electricity we feel from lightening. This fixes the organic nitrogen that fertilizes all life on Earth. An contribute 1040W of power to nature every year.
This tell us a 50xacm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres will release a constant I.2MW, from 2x10-17cc of regular water a year. No solid radioactive waste – the 3He is lost to space within 24 hours, having reacted with nothing.
So a medium sized company can have suck a tube, running a steam cycle – and get 250kW. They need 10kW during the day. They sell the rest to the national grid – getting an annual income of over 30 million UK pounds.
I put this out on the internet, and oil fell to $20 a barrel. Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Russia agreed to quota cuts, to try and push the oil price up – this worked in the 1970s. But time moves on.
Companies can get their maintenance engi9neers to design a steam turbine system to drive the boiler, and their emergency generator.
Nuclear fusion is here, and it is not hard. We take steam from a pan of boiling water. We pump it into a glass tube. Probably best within a slightly larger metal tube.
We borrow the electronics from a fluorescent light. We fire up the plasma – and we can then turn the external current off. And the system gives us our free 250kW. Using such a minuscule amount of water, we will struggle to measure it.
We have a spring loaded water top up system, that will add liquid water into a hypodermic needle in the plasma. The water will boil into steam – to top up the steam pressure.
No oil or gas burn – so by trying to force oil prizes up, Saudi gas ensured all companies will replace Fossil Fuels burning.
We can use 9 1mx2cm steam plasma tubes to generate 100 MW: there is something I am not telling you here. So no oil or gas burn.
We have saved life on Earth, and totally replaced Fossil Fuels burning. And we produce no solid radioactive waste.
Molecular Nuclear Fusion is 64 times as energetic as hyper toxic uranium fission. So Molecular Nuclear Fusion is the answer to 'Global Warming' – which ended 11 years ago – as the natural world started cooling.
Strange: no academic funded by nuclear power bothered to tell you that! Uranium fission needs insurance of 100 billion per plant – not commercially available. So ever nuclear power plant today is operating illegally.
I needs electricity prices over 8p per kW hour to be profitable. Molecular Nuclear Fusion generates power for 0.00007p per MW hour.
And it only takes a lunch break to design the system – as companies have a stand by power plant, already installed and idle.
A 25x1cm steam plasma tube will produce 580kW of heat – we get 100kW of power from: a small helicopter only needs 45kW. No need ever to fill up. All science from the 1950s.

Familiar to ever academic who has written fiction on Global Warming.

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