Monday, 17 October 2016

Making Helium

Nature constantly makes He gas around the Earth. Your beating heart does it.
1 H2O+O2+TU->He+O3+E2+X-ray+L
So your heart gives out X-rasy and visible light as it beats. And you breath out ozone and Helium: no 10 millionoC. Body temperature.
The hearts of arctic fish do it at -20oC. Plants photoblasts do it, to below freezing: as they use antifreeze, to keep water liquid below 0oC.
Growing bacteria do it! Emitting X-rays, as they build ccarbohydrates from CO2. So they do this is the deep sea at 3oC – the maximum density of water – even below ice caps. Fixing CO2 into life.
Bacteria are more effciient than green plants, in fixing CO2.
Plants leave only 2 parts per million CO2 in the afternoon air. So capping global CO2 at 2ppm: any contary data is biological rubbish. CO2 is capped.
So rain storms do Molecular Nuclear Fusion – using 1. So we can set up a tower 2m high, and drizzel water off the top – into O gas. We will get Molecular Nuclear Fusion – so increasing the volume of O – with He in.
Helium has a hgiher value than gold – by weight. Because if its use in welding. As the water circulates around the Earth, it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – so producing more He. So the Helium is foremd dynamically – it will NEVER run out.
As we drizzle water down our tower, we produce He, and the O dimerises. We draw off and cool the gas, so maintaining 1 atmosphere gas pressure.
Water freezes out as LOX at -218.8 °C , Helium at -272.2 °C. So LOX has high commercial value – and helium exceeds the value of gold.

So we turn regular water into massively valuable commodities. Which will never run out. The Helium today regenerates, as he turbuletn flow of geothermal water does Molecular Nuclear Fusion on the Earth's mantel. As it is heated to the triple point for water, under immense pressure.

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