Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Make petrol

I have just looked at the equations, and vegetable oil has a higher carbon number than petrol. So all we do, is burn some of the oil and we raise steam. We pass vegetable oil and steam through a Ti honeycomb catalyst. The catalyst is not used up.
Out of the base we get a mixture of estas, and unreacted steam and H gas. The H gas we use as a fuel to keep the steam hot. We loop the steam around, and add citable oil.
The estas we get have a butane number in the diesel range. The more volatile ones are in the petrol octane range.
So we distil out bio-diesel and petrol. As we burn these, we get back the CO2 that plants took in to grow. Unlike Fossil Fuels, it is a carbon 0 fuel. So taxes should be low – as we are saving YOUR life.
Oil few to $20 a barrel last month. Once the biochemistry industry gets going, this will fall below £4 a barrel.

And we do not grow fuel crops. We use the food offcuts, that go to land fill from the food industry today. So we turn plant waste into biochemistry fuel. And save life on Earth.

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