Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Increase in life

Since the industrial revolution, man has released an extra 0.000004% CO2 every day. Which has been hungrily gobbled up by plants and deep water bacteria – and converted into 15% extra biomass on Earth.
The CO2 trace in the air is a static 2 parts per million – ask any high school biology teacher. If you are stupid enough to think that Global Warming was anything more than fiction from nuclear power.
No we world has seen cooling since 1995. Totally naturally – it will start warming again in 2023 – determined by predictable solar cycles. So now we have more global rain – plants are loving it.
So this means sea levels must be falling – as that water has to come from somewhere. So the air is not warming – why would the seas?
CO2 levels rise in natural ice ages – over even above the Arctic today: they are al 4ppm. So should be 30oC hotter than the equator, according to Global Warming phantom science. They are not.
CO2 rises in a natural ice age. So in the Jurassic there was twice the CO2 in the air.
Sea levels we 60 meters lower. And there was 65% more life on Earth. I repeat, twice the CO2, and sea levels were warmer in a warm period.
The Jurassic had three natural ice ages. 1 lasting 650 million years, with CO2 at 8 parts per million – 4 times today's trace. 650 million year ice age.

Looking back at the mineral records, the little ice age ha fits and starts. So 2009 may have been the start of another one. Advice: buy thermals for this winter.
If you see Al Gore, smash his head into a brink wall and shout 'CO2 static – fixed by nature'. Then call him an ambulance. Come to think of it, Al will probably be having his brai9n smashed out of his head ten times a day.
Luckily he doesn't have any brain matter to damage. He is just a mouth piece for nuclear power. I am impressed – he talks very fluently out of his anus. Would that he got verbal constipation, as hid words are pure nuclear poison.
Better advice. Just super glue his anus shut: it is located conveniently just below his nose. I should no be so hard on Al. He just wants even man, woman and child to die in their own Fukishima.

And he got a Nobel for advocating this.

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