Monday, 31 October 2016

How the universe works

Energy goes into matter, and at stars matter goes into energy. Matter clumps together into stars, but antimatter exists as a fine mist in outer space. As light travels through this, it gets slight red shift.
The further we look the more red shift we see: Nothing to do with relative speeds. Or the universe would be expanding at a faster and faster rate – 14 billion years after the 'big bang'.
Of course there was no such thing – which is why the universe gets 2 billion years older, every decade.
But no we have 150 years of photo graphs. We know them light that should be emitter from stars at stages of their life – given by their light spectrum. Read
So the further away they are, the smaller should be the amount of light we receive. So we can work out where stars are. Using big telescopes or Hubble, to get exact light measurement.
We can work out their relative speeds and distances, without referring to the red shift. Once we know their distance, we should then be able to forecast the red shift. Nothing to do with star relative motion.
In a star we get hydrogen fission
1 H++e- ->n0
2 1H++r n0 ->Er3+L+X-ray
But we also get H formation
3 2L->H++e--E
So energy is in flux start with light. We also get H fusion
4 2H+->He2+-E
And so we brew up the heavier elements. In the stars corona, we only get H fission – so it is hotter than the stars core. We also get H formation in outer space.
So we have done way with the ideas of a big bang, and big crunch. Black holes – gone too. We have brown giants, that roam around the universe, crashing into radiant stars, and making them go nova.
Returning that energy to the Cosmos. Where did it all come from? I like the idea of a steady state universe – matter is spewing into existence – matched matter and antimatter – WHICH GO IN OPOSITE DIRECTION.
But that does not drive research grants – it is just the way it is. If a black hole ever formed, the whole of the universe would have been sucked into it 13 billion years ago.

Tere are non-radiant brown stars – massive sources of gravity, that emit X-rays,and have spin. Which is what we see out there.

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