Monday, 17 October 2016

Giving the world infinite free power

I s simpler than in I thought. We maek H+ and O2- via electroysis. We inject both into the 'fusion' torous. See
Most universities should have 1 in cold storage. We want magnetic containment fields, and linear motors. The ions shoot in opposite direction – the O 8 times slower then the H+s.
we now get neutron formation
1 H++e- ->n0
these unwind matter.
The torous sets up a standing steam plasma – which strip the valency electrons from the oxygen
2 O2-+TU->O22++2e-
So we now have a physics ball mill. The oxygen and hydrogen ions circulate in one direction – is – no need to heat the the electrons in the other. The electrons are in loads of near miss interactions with the ions.
3 H++e- ->H +L+X-ray+E+3q1/3
So we transfer the charge to the ion, and emit heat and light. So we spit out 3 negatively charged quarks. They also have the mass equivalent of 1/3rd of and electrons.
So we set up a steam plasma. The great hadron collidor can do this. We just inject the O2+ ions at the same place we inject the H+ ions.
They whiz in the opposite direction to each other, changing the torous into an atomic ball mill.
1 time in 1,000 we have a direct sub-atomic particle interaction.
4 xH++x e- ->(x+1)n0+E3+L+X-ray
E3=17.2MW for a 1m, 2cm torous. The toruses tend to be 20 times this size – We are going to get 400MW of heat – and generate 45MW of power. From regular water.
The oxygen ion damps down the fusion heat – otherwise it would kill all life in a 10km radius. We are still going to earn 2.4 billion annually from the energy we produce. Using capital plant already paid for.
Universities will have the steam turbine on hand, to generate up to 50MW of power. With no CO2. No radiative waste, from regular water.
The steam plasma will enrich and fission its own light elements. So we will set up a standing steam plasma – we draw off to run the steam cycle.

No Fossil Fuels burn. No hyper toxic radiative waste – using science worked out in the 1950s. Read

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