Saturday, 8 October 2016

Give back the money

In a natural ice age, and above the Poles, CO2 levels double: they are at 4parts per mililon above the Poles, global photosynthesis on the land and seas limits CO2 to 2ppm elsewhere.
So in an ice-age, things get colder and seas go down. Nuclear power have spent 30 years telling us extra CO2 would make things warmer, and seas higher. So wrong!
And they have funded academic to write papers on Global Warming – total intelluectual rubbish. Photosymntheis limits free CO2 in the air.
After Chernobyl the required insurance was 40 billion per nuclear plant. After Fukishima, this rose to 100 billion.
Not available – so they make do with 0.5% of the required figure. So they are operating illegally. And no acdemic is allowed ot take funding from illegal operations.
The 'scientists' are likely dead by now, but the department and university got the money are not. Pay back the Global Warming cash – it is unethical money. Recind all the Global Warming PhD – dangerous fiction.

All the reportors who have written copy about Global Warming or Climate Change nuclear funded fantasists – who should not be writing for the world media. They should retuirn all monies, and ensure the fioction is shredded.

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