Thursday, 27 October 2016

Free cure to diabetes

All hopital have a 8W 3MHz ultrasound massage device – physiotherapists use to clear sports injuries. If you ghavbe any joint trouble, such a High Intensity UltraSound device will sort you out.
I use a
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which works in 30 seconds. Applied externally to the lower rigt of the chest, it clears ALL dioabtes. Type 1 take 3 days to remit, totally and for ever. The 3MHz device only takes 20 seconds.
It deos not interact with any biochemistry. And to the hospital is costs 0.04 cents. The device cost 18 UK pounds.
Many women wll know where they can borrow one – as they are sold to help you lose weight. The first time it may give you the trots, after that, it just helps you sjhed the weight gain of age.
And it totally clears diabetes: see my other posts on hIUS clearing cancers, heart disease and mental health problem – like MS.
So it is the best diabetes medicine – it totally clears the problem at 1 appointment. And the diabetic patients all go to Salford Royal Hospital. Who by now must know the HIUS idea.
This makes biochemical prescriptions unethical, criminal medicine. Striking off the Dr, who then gets a criminal tial – and is never allowed to work in medicine again. Sp diabetes was cured 2008.

No prescription sinc e then was legal.

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