Saturday, 1 October 2016

Extinguishing volcanoes

Volcanoes are driven by a steam filled magma chamber, on the Earth mantel. It may only be 10 – 34m below the surface.
We use ground sonar, to locate this pocket. We set off small explosive charges in pits in the Earth (Filled in with concrete). When we set off the charges, we have multiple ground microphones, that triangulate the super heated water filled chamber.
We drill down, and vent this water into a aggrandised Dyson dry cleaner. This removes the solids – included platinum and gold dusk: they are soluble in high pressure and temperature water.
We use the clean steam to generate power – via a steam turbine. We then vent the steam into the high air.
Or we use a Carnot cycle to produce pure water – and loop back 85% of the heat to really heat up the steam, from 240oC to 700oC. This will produce so much free electricity – C 0 power.
And we stop the volcano from EVER erupting.
If we want the power, we just locate a fluid filled magma chamber – they do the above. Free electricity – and none of the 18 billion for a hyper toxic uranium nuclear power plant. And no toxic waste.
Theresa May PM can't give consent to Hinkley – as the planning expired in 1990. So it is a green field site. That needs a full Royal commission.
Question 1: 'Do you have adequate insurance?'. After Fukishima a nuclear power plant needs insurance of 100 billion. No insurance above 1 billion is available.

Answer 'Hell no!'. Planning refused.

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