Saturday, 29 October 2016

Evil Christie?

Evil Christie?
They killed 50% of their paying clients by using the 20th century best cancer medicine – 15 years AFTER High Intensity UltraSound made it defective, criminal medicine.
Curing ALL cancer patients at 1 appointment. It sets off Molecular Nuclear Fusion, only in cancer cells – and the structures causing the other diseases of age. It doe not harm body cells.
The cheapest is a 8W 1MHz ultrasonic massage device.
So the Christie charged 10,000 to kill you horribly – when the dr.s and professors had each personally validate HIUS. What do you think?
My nursing friedn has just told me, the Christie bill the NHS for UK patients. So they are extorting money from the UK governement, to apply knowingly defective, criminal medicine – and kill HALF THEIR PATIENTS.
Cancers give off X-rasy in response to 5W 40kHz ultrasound – as the cancer celsl do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 h2O+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
There is no chemical source oif X-rays, and cancer biopses produce micro bubbles of He and O gases in response to ultrasound.
With HIUS, the cancer cell fragment – as the cell boils. Massive production of heat, with He, O and X-rays: this is my master's degree area.
So external application of HIUS cures all 200 types of cancer out there – as the Christie confirmed 2002 – or every Dr would have been struck off.
So the Christie has been extorting the UK government and applying clients, to apply defective, criminal medicine. I read about HIUS is a national cancer charity magazine – read by every NHS doctor, 2010. 8 years after the Moffitt used HIUS to clear prostate cancer. Nothing special about prostate cancer.
The Christie do not use HIUS to clear prostate cancer – despite the 100 person double blind trial. Highest level of medical proof.
It just has an over inflated nature, to induce viral cell type cell replication. So cancer was cured 2002.
But Dr.s and professor suppressed the news, to go on using the same criminal medicine – and killing your friends and family members. 8 million UK citizens. Fro the naked profit of cancer Dr.s.
I have no doubt the Christie will sue – but my master's is in radiation studies. And I am totally sue of Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
And 8 million people in the UK should not have had agonising deaths.
My step father had heart trouble, which I cleared by applying HIUS to his heart and kidneys fro ½ a minute: the Christie are livid about this – as they still use defective biochemistry for coronary heart disease. More criminal medicine.
I read about HIUS is a national magazine circulated around the NHS: I read it at Salford Royal Hospital. I am intrigued the only magazine in the Dr.s waiting room was one only I or a few nuclear scenarists could understand.
No out dated Readers Digest. Just the magazine which should have changed the world. But too many Dr.s and drug companies were making too much money out of killing patients.

I will copy this to my solicitor – as the Christie would sue me, rather than save lives. Easy cheap and simple.

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