Thursday, 6 October 2016

Ending all drought

Was taught to me in high school. We use a vacuum, to cause water to boil. Even a water driven vacuum pump will create enough vacuum to cause warm water to boil -= thank,s Dr Sharp. M y physics teacher.
Universities are addicted to using high pressure or temperatures to boil off water. Reducing the pressure takes 8 times less energy than high pressure desalination – and no filters to change.
We use a windmill or solar vacuum pump to create the vacuum.
1 E=PV
So 1m of vacuum takes 1/8th the energy. So a standard little wind turbine will draw enough energy from the on shore breeze – augmented during the day by a solar driven vacuum pump.
In the Arctic, the on shore wind is massive – so will supply us with massive volumes of nearly free water.
Temperate lands like England, can use the same idea, to produce pure water from sea or river water – for 10% of the cost of mains water.
Where ever you have sea water, you can site a polythene pipe line, to transport the water into the interior.
We can irrigate all the deserts in the world. We can make the interior of Chilli as lush and fertile as near the coast.
And we do not depend on rain fall. Nature evaporates fresh water from the seas, and in time this falls as rain. We have taken nature out of the water equation.
We use High School physics to provide pure water all over the Earth. We can transform Saudi Arabia back into the lush arable area it was in the days of the Roman empire.
We suck fresh water from the seas. The remaining cold brine, sinks, and flows away from our plant.
We can use this idea to produce pure water, from brown river water.
This will increase plant and animal life on Earth. Ending global hunger and thirst. And of course, all those extra plants will suck CO2 from the air. But photosynthesis today on the land and sea limits free CO2 to a pre-industrial 2 parts per million – its pre-industrial level.
No climate effect. But Global Warming and Climate Change were fiction from nuclear power – the most toxic industry on Earth. Every operating nuclear power plant needs insurance of 100 billion.

No insurance above 1 billion is available – so all nuclear plants are violating their operating licenses – so must STOP instantly.

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