Wednesday, 26 October 2016

E-petition abuse

Drug companies induce the families of the ill, to start e-petitions for unregulated drugs. NICE and the FDA have chosen nto to regulate them, as they are overly expensive and not very effective, at containing the disease.
The Americans have found that High Intensity UltraSound clears cancer at 1 appointment. I have found 1 minute of external 8W 1Mz ultrasound clears cancer.
Product Details
Supplied my a medically licensed ultrasound massage device. My internet blog is now getting over 700 daily hits. But the drug compnies have bougth the silence of the world's NewsPapers. They have the deep pockets to buy the press.
So I have started e-petitions to get he NHS etc. to use this life saving medicine. Every day there are e-petitions induced b y the drug companies to get drugs registered.
They are not regulated as they are defecticve medicine. HIUS 1 application – no cancer. Best medicine. So no Dr can prescribe bio0chemistry, without being struck off to face criminal charges.
So cancer was cured 14 years ago!

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