Monday, 3 October 2016

Diabetes done

½ a minute of 8W 1MHz ultrasound from a commercially sourced massage device, will clear all diabetes.
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Type 1 does take 3 days to remit totally and for ever. So the NHS was rushing around testing everybody over50 then 40 fro 'undiagnosed' diabetes.
Doesn't exits! It is like stupidity, if you have it, your friends know. Any doubt, ask the nearest stranger. 'Does this lapsing into a diabetic come' mean anything? Come to think of it, the terminally stupid might be a reservoir of diabetes.
So all the diabetics are getting totally better from diabetes. Every health centre has a 8W 1MHz ultrasound device, which will clear diabetes and ezma.
It will also clear hair loss and baldness – no biochemistry.
Sorry today the Daily Mirror published '10 billion for diabetes may break NHS'. In which universe – in this 1, all diabetes is now cured, with no biochemistry.
High Intensity UltraSound clears cancers, heart disease, diabetes, IBS, Mental health problems, asthma, arthritis – and it eradicated Ebola.
I am waiting for medics to anounce 'We have found a slide with Ebola on, so we are working on the biochemical answer (to this cured disease)'
The Hippocratic oath forbids research of cured infections. Any Dr who does so is struck off. So what next biochemistry? The Black Death, or the middle ages plagues?
Incidentally Jeremy Hunt is right. If Health Centres lose money, they should close down. It is the power of the markets – only the best survive.

Those that do not use biochemistry to kill patients – cured using HIUS.

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