Wednesday, 12 October 2016

CO2 fixed

by nature. 99.8% of the land and seas are given over to nature. Plants use UV light to sink CO2 – down to 2 parts per million.
Deep water bacteria use deep water turbulence in place of ultraviolet light. Both convert CO2 into biomass – and excrete the surplus O2. The most serious pollutant in Earth history. CO2 is plant food.
1 mCO2+(n+r)H2O+UV->Cm(H2O)n+r(He+O+E2+X-ray) Cm(H2O)n=carbohydrates
So plants do nuclear fusion from the turbulent flow of water around the photo blast. Which is why plants produce He and O gas, and give off X-rays. And you are built using metabolised CO2, and the gas excreted by plants.
In the Jurassic, photosynthesis sank CO2 down to 4 parts per million. There was 10% more oxygen in the air, 65% more life on Earth, and sea levels 65 meters lower in a WARM PERIOD.
There were 3 natural ice ages. One lasting 650 million years, with CO2 at 8ppm. So CO2 follows the climate, and goes up in an ice age. As there is less photosynthesis.
In 1984 Uranium nuclear experienced Chernobyl, and nuclear power started promoting Global Warming. To say man had influenced CO2, and this would warm the climate.
Plants cap CO2 at 2ppm today. The extra 0.00004% ends up as extra biomass. It has extended the growing day by 10 seconds. But has not affected the trace level if CO2 in the global air: 0.000004%.
No accumulative CO2 increase – every afternoon back to 2ppm. A static gas affects nothing. A static trace gas – put your analyst on danger money: are you listening Al Gore. That guy needs serious mental health medication – not a Nobel.
He actually won it so his social activism – the Nobel committee were impressed by his activism – not by his grip of basic High School science. Which is biological non sense. CO2 is fixed by nature. By life on Earth.
It does go up in an ice age, or today above the Arctics. So CO2 FOLLOWS global cooling.
The natural weather started cooling and wetting in 1995. Remember Global Warming would heat and dry the world.
So now the world is wetting and cooling. Look Al, do science a favour. Hand back your Nobel, give back the money to nuclear power, and stop taking out of your face anus.
Hillary Clinton should employ Donald Trump before she gives money to Al Gore. The guy is nuclear funded science poison.
Chernobyl meant ever nuclear plant needed insurance of 40 billion. Not available. So they promoted Global Warming – not realising nature did loads of nuclear fusion – including your own beating heart.
Fukishima increased this to 100 billion. So every nuclear plant in the world is running illegally. Hinkley B has never been legal. It was an illegal extension to a plant demolished in 2006.
So there can be no extension to Hinkley B – it is illegal, and must instantly cease. The planning consent for Hinkley A ran out in 1990 anyway. No new planning without a full Royal Commission. And after the ilegal operation of Hinkley B, there is no chance of new operating consent being given.
So the Chinese might build an illegal plant – our armed services have the legal imperative to demolish any illegal plant, and shoot the constructionist workers.
No legal planning consent, the UK government would never pay penny 1. And the plant would never start up.

Seeing construction workers operating while being fired at by Tanks – good spectator carnage.

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