Monday, 31 October 2016

'Climate Change' research illegal

 Since Chernobyl, the required insurance for a nuclear power plants was 40 billion – not available, hence nuclear power funded research into Global Warming. But as prof Argent told me, universities can't take research money form illegal companies.
So all the Global Warming work needs to be shredded, and the research money paid to the UK government as a fine.
No Climate Change work has been taken on – as in 2001 I pointed out photosynthesis sucks extra CO2 form the air, and converts in BACK into life. So free global, average CO2 has to be a pre-industrial 2 pats per million.
Extra CO2 is converted back into life within 5 minutes. And it never makes it to the stratosphere, where out weather is made. The world has been cooling for 21 years: so much for Global Warming.
Which leaves East Sussex university looking very criminal! It is taking research money form the most toxic, and under insured industry ever.
So it must severe the arrangement, and pay all its Climate Change money as a fine to the UK government.

So it owes a legal fine of 6 billion, and its employees get to share 6 millennia in jail.
Hinkley's planning ran out in 1990: it is interesting to see that lawyers can be bridged – it just takes an envelope with 8 billion stuffed in it. Drug companies take note – that is mall change to them.
So Hinkley B was an illegal extension, to a plant demolished in 2006. And with it, its planning consent – which had expired 16 years before. And EDF NEVER applied for retrospective planning consent, so the UK army has the legal duty to demolish the plant: it is outside planning and legality.
It goes without saying, Hinkley C would be an illegal extension to an illegal extension, who's planning consent ran out 20 years ago.
So the legal fine for that plant alone if 2 billion – against British Nuclear and its Chinese owners and EDF.

No Hinkley C, just 2 millennia in jail, and the biggest fine ever.

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