Monday, 10 October 2016

Clear diabetes

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This condition results in reduction of insulin and glucagon secretion – which explains why insulin additions do not fully correct the condition – people lay down fatty deposits.
So in 2013 I applied 8W 1MHz ultrasound to Alex and Clive: American medics had had some success in clearing the fast dividing viral altered cells. Some other medics had documented that diabetes was caused by slowly dividing, hardened white cells.
I though the High Intensity UltraSound would help with the condition – but 1 30 second application cleared type 2 diabetes.
It was like after their insulin injection in the morning – Salford Royal took out Olive's insulin pump, but continued to medicate him. Thai contravenes the Hippocratic oath, so all the medics are no longer registered Dr.s.
Their health insurance is invalid – and they can no longer work in medicine. An ultrasound scan will stop the diabetes causing cells are gone. The medication is making Clive ill – which is why it is prohibited – you don't medicate the well.
Clive lost 1.5 stone. Alex has lost 2 stone – this shows the importance of glucagon So every Dr has a 8W 3MHz device – which will clear diabetes in 20 seconds – apply externally to the lower right of the chest.
People can buy their own HIUS device – and clear their own diabetes.
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An insulin pump does not augment glucagon – even if you call it an artificial pancreas. It isn't! It is defective, criminal medicine.
I published my work on the internet – which had to he read and validated by every GP on Earth – or they are struck off the medical register. They then had to use the new science.
20 seconds of their paid for HIU device clears diabetes: type 2 with a 3 day delay in remitting totally and for ever. Diabetes medication prescription over the last 3 years ejects the GP from medicine. Invalidating their health insurance.
They must return all wages and pension since they first wrote out a prescription for cancer, heart disease or diabetes drugs.

So the NHS can stop its blind testing – GPs can clear raised blood pressure and full diabetes in ½ a minute – no biochemistry required.

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