Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Cleaning the air

Spray with water. So for Oxford st, we have a fine mist of water, that we put out over the carriageway, in the rush hours and midday. This srubs the NOx out of the air.
1 H2O+NO2->H2NO3 dilute nitric acid.
2 H2O+NO+->H2NO2 dilute nitrous acid
So we have covered crossing points to keep shoppers dry – and have fine mountain air. We also scrub CO2 out of the air
3 H2O+CO2->H2CO3 a very, very mild acid. So the air is like besides a mountain stream. For very little expense. Plants convert extra CO2 into biomess within 5 minutes. The global average is a pre-industrial 2 parts per million.

It also removes microparticulates – from a diesel exhaust. Let's give Oxford St, the cleanest air of any city street. In London AND Manchestser.

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