Sunday, 16 October 2016

British Nuclear bankrupt

EDF kept nuclear plants, by its own engineers inspecting its own plants – this is illegal. Some carefully placed bribes circumvented the planning process. Thai is illegal. And requires the out of planning plants to be raised to the ground.
Decommissioning the plants cost more than building them – hence British Nuclear is keeping plants going. Engineers design plants to fail after the planning life – so operating a plant beyond this point invites a Kagoshima.
Hinkley B was an illegal extension to Hinkley A – you are not allowed to build a whole new plant next to an existing plant.
Hinkley A was demolished 2006 – 16 years after its planning expired. So all planning was demolished with it! So Hinkley B never operated legally. So must immediately STOP: No Hinkley C with a full royal commission.
What fine is appropriate here? Probably 100 million for al l30 years of illegal operation. Another 18 plants are also operating beyond planning. Another 1.8 billion.
Sizewell b NEVER had planning. Sizewell A also demolished 2006 – I think my data has been a bit corrupted here. It needed insurance of 40 billion a year after Chernobyl. 100 billion after Fukishima in 2010.
So how much for the operation of an illegal plant, with insufficient insurance? Probably 2.6 trillion by now.
So British nuclear owes the UK taxpayer 2.4 trillion. It does not have 2.8 billion. Neither does its Chinese owners.
There will be no Sizewell or Hinkley C – the unpaid fines will bankrupt British Nuclear and the Chinese owners. No nuclear plant can ever get the required insurance – there is no commercial insurance above 1 billion.
So all the nuclear plants IN THE WORLD must stop. And be decommissioned. Nuclear power does not even have the money for that.

Fukishima has for ever bankrupted Japan, the 2nd richest country on Earth.

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