Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Al Gore barking

From 1986, the year of Chernobyl, nuclear power paid people to talk about CO2 warming and drying the planet. Al Gore even won a Nobel for this rubbish.
High School biology tough everybody that extra CO2 was converted into extra plant biomass within 5 minutes – on the land and seas.
Since the world started cooling 1995, it has also wetted: I unfortunately predicted this 2004.
Meanwhile CO2 is fixed at a static 2 parts per million. Extra CO2 ends up as extra life – sucking the gas out of the air.

So is Al worried that CO2 is a static trace gas? No. Not while 'scientists' are prepared to publish contrary data. High school biology teaches CO2 is fixed – they need serious mental health medication.
You can see them along the moor tops, every month barking at the full Moon.

So did Al give back his Nobel. No. He now talks about the seas rising, and rain increasing. Al: the rain is formed by evaporation from the seas. More rain=lower seas.
In the Jurassic there was twice the level of CO2 in the air – compared to the 2ppm nature allows today.
Sea levels were 60, lower in the warm times. There was 65% more active life on Earth. And the Jurassic had 3 natural ice ages – one lasting 650 million years.

Al, give back your Nobel. Stops talking bollocks, and seek medical help.

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