Monday, 24 October 2016

A World Without CANCER

 Has been possible for 14 years: 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published a document on High Intensity UltraSound totally clearing prostate cancer at 1 appointment. HIUS does Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the pressurised cancer cells – leaving body cells undamaged.

1 H2O+US->He+O+E2+X-ray this is the source of the X-rays from ultrasound scans.
With HIUS, just ½ a minute of 8W 1MHz ultrasound will pop cancer cells – clearing the disease from the body.
Dr.s read and confirmed this work – then carried on killing with biochemistry: as it made them loads of money in the 2 agonising years their patients too to die: today predictable and avoidable deaths.
If people buy a 8W 1MHz ultrasound device, or borrow it from a lady fiends, them can clear their own cancers. And GPs are ethically prevented from medicating the well.
Dr.s all have a 8W 3MHz device, them can clear ALL cancers with in just 20 seconds. Biochemical treatments, chemo and radio therapy plus surgery all all defective, criminal medicine.
When GPs realised the game was up, they retired. But they invalidated their health insurance 14 years ago: all current GPs are thus legally prevented from EVER doing medicine ever again.
They have killed 14,000 patient EACH: 25 years in jail, and a 10 million fine – against their own savings, then the health centre and hospital.
So all people can clear their own cancers – using science published in the 1950s: in physics. Biochemistry has been criminal medicine for 14 years.
HIUS to the bottom right of the chest clears diabetes – so in 8 days, there will be no more global diabetes. 5 day for delivery (Or borrowing) of the device, and type 1 has a 3 day delay in clearing. Type 2 clears instantly – I am not certain about type 3, medically induced diabetes.
HIUS to the top left of the chest and kidneys totally clears coronary heart disease – biochemistry has been criminal medicine here for 3 years.
All the drug companies confirmed HIUS 14 years ago – so are stripped of their license to manufacture medicines – going back 14 years.

Cancer Is Cured

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Cancer Is Cured
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We live in remarkable times. Xi years ago American medics cure to cancer. Using no drugs or surgery. Just a single application of high intensity ultrasound. This book explains how it works! It also cures heart disease and diabetes,
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THE AMA is the Dr.s trade organisation, and has overseen the deliberate killing of 1/3rd of a billion patients. A total legal fine of 30 trillion.

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