Saturday, 24 September 2016

Zukerberg duped

The biochemical industry told Mark Zukerberg, given enough money they could cure all infections. Though in the last 150 years they have had unlimited funds, and have not.
Then in 2002 the Moffitt used High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer – which divides in a viral way. The inflated cells does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2Op+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
So all viral and bacterial infections give off X-rays in low power ultrasound scans. In response to HIUS, viral type cells experience cell content boiling, and fragment – clearing the virus/bacteria/cancer.
The cheapest source of HIUS is a 8W 1MHz ultrasonic massage device.
Product Details
½ a minute to each side of the chest, throat and nose clears all infections etc.. HIUS to the top left of the chest and kidneys clears heart disease - ½ a minute each area.
HIUS for half a minute to the lower right of the chest clears all types of diabetes: type 1 takes 3 days to remit, totally and for ever. HIUS to the liver and kidneys for ½ a minute clears tertiary diabetes – probably also surgically induced diabetes.
So all infections have been totally curable for 14 years. And every registered Dr who has used biochemical treatments, no longer a GP: facing criminal charges.

Mark Zukerberg can save his money – no registered Dr can research defective medicine – which is what biochemistry has been for 14 years.

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