Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Unlimited free energy

-no oil!
A 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres produces 1.2MW of heat – generating the power for 80 electricity users. So people set up a steam plasma tube in their garage, and the national grid pays then 6 million a year/
Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Russia have agreed on quota reductions. This will just get firms to use a engineer to set up a steam plasma power system one evening.
So less oil and gas will be burnt. There is a massive excess of gas, so reducing oil will just increase gas demand in the short term – then next week more Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
Things are different than during the oil crisis of 1974. The world now knows how to do nuclear fusion – and it isn't hard: let me explain
A steam plasma breaks up water molecules
1 H2O+TU->2p+.n0+O2++4e-
So we get 2 protons bonded to neutrons – which are hydrogen nuclei,
An atom is mostly empty space. But at we increase the plasma pressure, the proton electron interaction rise exponentially.
2 p++e- ->n0
So we form more neutrons. These don't interact with the fast moving electrons. They bond with the ions
3 16O2++4n0 ->8H+ H+=p+.1/2n0
This is termed plasma burn. A gas plasma steadily causes the matter to enrich, and fission – ending up with hydrogen.
4 H++rn0 ->Er3+L+X-ray
Each hydrogen ion that fission ends up as 2x1018W of power. That is 200MMMMMW. This is a frightening amount of energy. Some of which is used to drive the fissioning of oxygen into hydrogen.
But still our 50x1cmsteam plasma releases 1.2MW of heat – we use to drive a steam cycle.
For power stations (With a Carnot system cooling the exit steam) 9 1mx2cm steam plasma tubes will drive a 100MW power station.
The Carnot system return 85% of the system heat as a hot gas, to meet the liquid water through fire tubes.
So no oil or gas burn. OPEC was a big mover in the Global Warming fiction – as it boosted oil price, as supply was depressed.
Themselves and nuclear power were desolate, as the global climate started cooling 21 years ago. Just 6 years, until the NATURAL CLIMATE moves into a warming phase.
Global photosynthesis converts the nights CO2 into plant biomass. Man's CO2 is only 0.00004% - so much less important than a local forest fire.
Burning oil is a massively deficient way to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
5 Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mCO2+(n-r)H2O+r(He+O+Er3)
45kW/m – as most of the nuclear fusion energy is taken in oxidising the carbon radical. So the oil price will continue to fall to 0. Quota reductions will decrease oil revenues, and speed the total replacement of oil: Has Saudi Arabia actually realised, it is helping kill off its doomed industry?
To set up a steam plasma tube, we use a paint stripper to supply steam – t oa preheated tube. We borrow the electronics from a fluorescent light. As we fire up the tube at 4 atmospheres, it self sustain, producing our 1.2MW od heat. We fire up the tube in a water boiler, and rapidly screw down the top.
Within 3 minutes the water boils. And continue boiling as we augment the steam pressure, with 5x10-17cc of regular water per decade.
We drive a steam cycle, and produce power. With no Fossil Fuels burn. No hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranioum. So unlimited free heat, from a tube costing 200 UK pounds – that never needs fueling (Exceot miniscule amuont of regular water). No toxic radioactive waste. We produce X-rays, light and heat.

Concrete blocks the first 2, the heat we use to drive a steam cycle. So NO oil, gas, coal or enriched uranium. Making the world a cheaper, safer less toxic place.

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