Thursday, 15 September 2016

The End of the Somme

Men died. Horribly, through bullet, mud and disease
Killed in this bloody war against the civil Germans
That gives his wife and children at home no ease
As insufferable as the vicars hour short sermons
What were we thinking -'Over by Christmas'
Yes - we eat pies, drink ale and cause kiss miss.

We did not dream of the rotting corpses
The slow insidious smell of fallen fired rot
interminable of war men and war houses
We were no born for this to give our lot
There is no humanity in this slow tide of fate
The slow feeling of angry, Kaiser bill and hate

We march slowly in neat lines to their lines
The German giggle, they know how this song goes
300 feet out having dodged wire and mines
Machine gunning us down in our teen rows
Is there no end to this interminable life?
Green pastures, warming sun and no strife.

But tomorrow, it is time for our revenge
We will drive our infernal metal machines
Like a moving, mental, bullet proof henge
Riding safe, like machine gunning Queens
Smiling they lurk in the deep, waiting
The tank rolls over, and their lives sating.

And we will laugh and we will smile,

Except our fallen friend's awhile. 

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