Friday, 30 September 2016

Stop Seizewell

Seizewell A only got planning approval via 100 million Royal Commission in 1951. You could extend this plant, but any new plant needed its own Royal Commission.
After Chernobyl in 1984, no Royal commission would give approval.
So Sizewell built a new plant, Sizewell B – as an illegal extension. It needed insurance cover of 40 billion after Chernobyl. Problem: there is no commercially available insurance over 1 billion.
So the power station regulator had the legal imperative to issue immediate 'stop orders' in 1984. They didn't.
Every year of illegal operation sentences the plant managers and regulators, to a fine of 10 million. By now 3.2 billion. And over 3 millennia in jail.
Things are worse for Hinckley. There the planning consent ran out in 1990: using your own engineers to extend planning is 'legally unsafe, according to the British Council. In normal peach, illegal.
So Hinckley is a green field site. And under statute laws, a full Royal Commission, coasting 100 million in 1990 is required. Government lawyers can't sign an illegal contract.
And a Hinckley C is just such an illegality. The insurance problem is an automatic planning refusal.

So the UK government will never pay for Hinckley C, and have to send in the troops to stop an illegal construction.

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