Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Sizewell unsafe

In the UK, the courts are separate from political control. Even the Queen obeys planning. The judges have total control over major plants.
Getting planning variance costs a large fraction of the original royal commission. We are looking at 30 million, and the outcome is far from certain.
So Margeret Thatcher had no legal powers to approve Sizewell B. In 1986 Chernobyl happened, and every nuclear plant needed insurance cover of 40 billion. No insurance above 1 billion is available.
So al l200 nuclear plant in the US have been operating illegally for 30 years.
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So every nuclear plant is subject to an immediate stop order, and a 3 billion fine. The managers get 3 millennia in jail – without parole.
Hinckley Point extended its planning using its own engineers. The British council described this as legally unsafe. So there you have it: Sizewell B is unsafe. And is subject to an immediate stop order today.
Hinckley only had planning until 1990. To get a planning variance, was a legal thing. The PM has no powers here. So David Cameron allowed the continuance of this illegality. Which is a criminal offence.
Hinckley C would require a full royal commission, as the plant area is now a brown field site. No valid insurance – automatic refusal of panning.
Every nuclear plant in the UK, and around the world has insufficient insurance. So is subject to what the lawyers call 'An immediate stop order'. It will never restart, so just pull the fuel rods out.
And then the plant is demolished.
Sizewell B is an illegal extension. So must instantly be pulled down. Sizewell A was outside of planning, when it was demolished in 2006 – a decade ago.
Sizewell B never got a retrospective planning consent – so is an illegal, unsafe structure.
You may gather, my job used to be planning large engineering plant.

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