Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Sizewell illegal

 Sizewell A was shut down in 2006, as the reactor was dripping water. Now the panning consent at Sizewell was for Sizewell A. There was no royal commission for Sizewell B.
British nuclear used the existing plant to legalize Sizewell B. But when Sizewell S was demolished, its planning consent was revoked.
Sizewell B thus has no independent planning. 2006 – 10 years ago, it began operating with no planning consent.
Every day's operation since has been illegal. The government lawyers had the legal imperative to issue immediate stop orders on Sizewell B.
British Nuclear is now trying to extend planning on Hinckley Point – who's planning expired in 1990.
Thus no operating license will ever be issues for Hinckley C, and the UK government will never pay the 18 billion to construct the new plant.
As is has no legitimacy, without a full royal commission. Government lawyers will stop Theresa may signing an illegal contract.
Extending planning can only be achieved using totally independent engineers – who do not exist. So a full royal commission is required again. As 100 billion of insurance is required after Fukishima, and is not commercially available, the royal commission will reject the planning application without ever having to call witnesses.
So Sizewell is illegal – the planning consent ended in 2006, when the licensed plant was pulled down. I rather doubt the planning consent was active then anyway.
Sizewell does not have the required insurance – and never has since Chernobyl – when the required insurance rose to 40 billion.
 The penalties for ignoring planning, are 10 years in jail for both the regulator and plant managers. And a fine of 10 million – at 1984 levels. After Chernobyl this was increase to 40 billion.
So the total fine is some where around 1.2 trillion. And obviously an immediate stop order. And the national Grid is legally not able to buy power from the station.

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