Thursday, 22 September 2016

Sizewell B illegal

British Nuclear rush through Sizewell B, as an extension to Sizewell A. But it never went through the planning courts. The PM does not have legal supremacy here.
Planning is totally separate – a legal process. Even the Queen has to obey planning. ~So Sizewell B was an illegal extension. The government lawyers were under legal imperative to stop such abuse of planning.
Then in 2006 Sizewell A started leaking – as it was beyond its design life, and outside of its own planning consent. So Sizewell B is an illegal extension to a now demolished plant – with no planning consent.
So all through its life, Sizewell B has been an illegal structure. Fines of 10 million (at 1984 levels) and 10 years in jail for the plant managers and regulators.
There has been no royal commission – which was legally required for an extension. As Sizewell b was a self contained plant, this is an illegal exploitation of planning: totally criminal.
We should all be doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion. A steam plasma convert 2x10-17 of regular water into energy, light and X-rays – no solid, radioactive waste.
Once started, the plasma self sustains at 4 atmospheres – convert regular water into power. With no toxic waste.
The process can be stopped with a tap from an electric hammer, so no high insurance required.
Uranium fission needed 40 billion of cover after Chernobyl. No insurance above 1 billion available – so all nuclear power illegal since 1986. A legal fine of 3 billion per plant is due.
And 3,000 years in jail for the plant managers and regulator. Molecular Nuclear Fusion requires no insurance cover.

EDF employed the most expensive lawyers, who will have told them Sizewell b and all nuclear power was illegal.

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