Thursday, 8 September 2016

Saving the patient

If Sheffield University had done experients on high power ultrasound clearing cancer in 2001 when I thought of the idea, 6 million UK residents would be alive today.
Instead it was medically proved and published the next year. Verified and tehn ignored bby all Dr.s on Earth. The have promised to apply best medicine – or strike themselves off.
All medics who continued to use biochemical treatmenmts, radio and chemo therapies plus surgery are no longer registered medics.
Their health insurance is invalid, from the first time they use criminal medicine.
Apply 8W 1MHz ultrasound extrernalyl for ½ a minute, and clear all cancers.
Families of the diceased can apply to the GMC to have their GP struck off, and sue the Dr and health centre for 10 million. They also get 25 years in jail.
The supplying drug company is then sued by the health centre. To the tune of 1 trillion. Each emploee gets a life sentence.
Product Details
Every family will have multiple cases for 10 million.

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