Saturday, 10 September 2016

Saving the NHS £60 billion

People can use a high Intensity UltraSound device – medically proven to clear cancer at 1 appointment 14 years ago. A suitable device is
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Nobody would ever wish to see a Dr – who only wants to kill patients with defective biochemistry. An agonising death in 2 years.
And 80% of the economic activity of the NHS is directed at cancer. But now nobody would ever dream of seeing a GP with cancer. The massage it away. Simple, cheap and painless.
So the NHS will have expensive facilities and staff – never used. Somebody tell Cancer Research – it was cured in 2002.
Since when, biochemistry has avoidably killed ¼ of a billion patients: 10 million in damages per death. Killed by the Dr!
He read about, and verified HIUS in 2002. So did every member of the GMC. Who sit in judgement of Dr.s, when they have all been struck off.
Meanwhile Astra Zeneca bridges Dr.s to use biochemistry to kill their patients. So like the gas chambers in Nazi Germany, the NHS is one big killing factory.
Do get back to me on this one – this is my informed opinion. Cancer and disease are over. Why is the NHS still here?

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