Monday, 5 September 2016

Saudi broke

For decades Saudi Arabia lent money to the West, to make the arms it bought. But now Saudi's current account is in deficit. It has spent all its foreign reserves – hence the lack of inflation in the developed countries – we have got our money back.

The Saudis are borrowing from the IMF – Western money. So the capital flow is reversing. Last week the Saudis were selling each barrel of oil at a $20 loss.
Since the 1950s, the Saudis have not bothered to make any Western friends – just selling their overpriced oil.

Now the world knows how to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion (Google it – I have published loads) burning Fossil Fuels seems a bit quaint: Over priced and energy poor.
As 50x1cm steam plasma tube turns 10-18cc of regular water a year into the power for 300 power users. Earning the garage scientist 360,000 UK pounds a year. No oil or gas burn.
9 1mx2cm steam plasma tubes will drive a 100 MW power station off 10-18cc of regular water a year. A 25x1cm steam plasma tube will power a personal helicopter – no petrol or diesel burn. And all no CO2 energy systems.
So dispute the massive price support, Saudi Arabia is now losing money on every barrel of oil it sells. It can't afford free education and health. The bastion against Muslim terrorists is gone.

But so is the money that funded them.  Watch Saudi inflation take off!  And hit 20% and keep rising.

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