Saturday, 17 September 2016

Not charities

In 1995 the biochemical drug industry set up cancer research in Cambridge, to get charitable donations to pay for cancer research. The Charity Commission is charged with making sure Cancer Research is legal and honest.
Then in 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre used High Intensity UltraSound to cure cancer. You can check to science at you local vet. A 8W 1MHz ultrasonic massage device will clear all pet cancers in 20 seconds. I used it 3 times on my mother's dog, Morag.
Since 2002 no medical professor or Dr is allowed to work on defective medicine – or they are charged with removing themselves from the medical register – and repaying all wages since they first did defective research fro money.
And now await criminal trial. And are permanently excluded from medicine.
1911 MacMillan nursing was set up. But no nurse is allowed to help with fatal medicine – and biochemistry is. And no Dr is allowed to prescribe it. Real nursing can walk around with a HIUS ultrasound unit, and cure every cancer they come across.
So neither is an ethical, or even legal charity. And the Charity Commission have the legal imperative to shut them down 14 years ago.
Any Dr or nurse working for either institution is now permanently excluded from their medical register. And all medical proessoirs are also ecluded from medical education – for ever.

There latest idea is for you to give up drink, to give them more money to kill cancer patients with.

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