Sunday, 4 September 2016

No prescriptions

In 2002 the use of High intensity UltraSound to clear cancer toitally at 1 appointment was medically published.
I use a 8W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device as my hIUS source: medicalyl licensed to be harmless. I was trying to clear cancer pain, and cleared inoperable liver cancer etc.. ½ a minute to clear al lcancers.
To the lung it will clear soft-body cancer and HIV. Gone forever! And the person get 40 years of resistance to catching HIV again.

So every GP verified the science 14 years ago -0 then didn't use it. Contiuing to prescribe defective biochemical treatmewnts, radio and chem optherapy and cancer surgery.
So the Dr.s retired. This means just 1 family of a patient they killed will csot them 10 million – and wipe the Dr out financially – and they deserve it.
A workig Dr can ony lcover the first 10 court cases. Then the Health Centres insurance gets wiped out.

Also all hospitals got bankrupt. Which will not bring back all the people the dr.s killed for money. Who get 25 years in jail for each patient they killed.

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