Sunday, 4 September 2016

Most serious crime

A drug company giving financial inducements to Dr.s to prescribe their pills is a civil crime.
When there is a simple total cure to the disease, and the medicien will lead to you excrusiating death within 2 years, that is a serious crime.

External use of the bellow device for ½ a minute will totally cure cancer – for 0.02 pence. The device cost under 40 UK pounds, and will cure all infections -stopping cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
Just 1 minute or less. Will blow the cancer away. Which is why the cancer rate fell from a 1/3rd of humanity in 2010 to under 10%.

With out the actions of Astra Zenea, it would have fallen to 0% in 2008. So AZ has leadd tro the deaths of 8 million Brits, in the worst way known to man, 280 million around the world.

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