Friday, 2 September 2016

Medical fraud/killing

So we have Astra Zeneca making illegal financial payments, direct to Dr.s. They were handed a 4 million fine yesterday.
But prescribing defective medicine is criminal – and High Intensity UltraSound was shown to totally clear cancer at 1 session 2002. Confirmed by every Dr. on Earth, for every cancer.
So we have the world's largest drug company, illegally bribing our medics, to dispence knowing fatal, criminal medicine.
The Hippocratic oath is clear: instantly expel both from medicien for ever – and send them to criminal trial.
They have killed 1 in 8 of the British population, for their own naked profit. And the Junior Dr.s have continued this murderous behaviour – and are also expelled from medicine – for life.
American doctors will have killed a higher percentage.Taken globally, the biochemical industry has killed 1.6 billion patietns, since they became defective medicine in 2002.
No Dr is ethically allowed to use defective medicine.

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