Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Margaret Thatcher exceeded her powers

The courts are totally independent of politicians in the UK. This is not the case all over the world.
So she never had any powers over planning. Extending Sizewell A, with a new plant, Sizewell B, required a planning variance, and a royal commission. Which never happened.
The miners strike distracted the lawyers, who should have stopped this illegal act.
Then in 2006 Sizewell started leaking and was demolished. So Sizewell B is now an illegal extension to a demolished plant – with no planing consent.
Fast forward ten years, and the plant is still operating. Illegally. The PM does not have legal supremacy – even the Queen obeys planning.
So there can never be a Sizewell C – Sizewell B is an illegal plant. And yes, I used to do the law for major engineering plants.
Margaret Thatcher was a chemist and egotist. Theresa may can not consent to Hinckley B- as the existing plant only had planning until 1990. A planning extension without a full royal commission and planning variance is what the lawyers term unsafe. The rest of us would call totally illegal.
There are some decade long prison terms that have to be distributed between the plant managers, regulators and politicians.

MY advice to Theresa, walk away quickly, and get new, legal lawyers. Thanks to EDF, without their illegal actions, I would not have noticed Sizewell B has never operated legally.

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