Saturday, 3 September 2016

MacMillan kills

In 2002 High Intensity UltraSound was used to totally cure cancer at 1 appointment. But drug companies have used every trick in the book to stop this life saving medicine.
Astra Zeneca was prevented from giving Dr.s financial inducements – so it just gave money. They were fined 4 million pounds for trying to bias the market.
It is a lot more serious. Biochemistry leads to an agonising death within 2 years. HIUS cures at 1 appointment.
So a third of humanity use to die from cancer – now it is under 10% - as people are using the below device to totally clear their cancers in under 1 minute.
MacMillan exist to dose up cancer patients on biochemistry until they die. But if people are using HIUS, they get totally cured – no need of MacMillan.
So MacMillan are operating in a way to ensure cancer patients die. A totally curable disease. Being used to kill them.
This is not conducive with being a charity. Being cold hatred killers. And the nurses in change of MacMillan, like every prescribing Dr knows all about HIUS.
Biochemical prescriptions are contrary to the Hippocratic oath: this includes radio and chemo therapy, and cancer surgery.

And every surgeon has verified HIUS personally – but goes on with defective, fatal medicine.Cancer Research onlhy researches defective medicine.

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