Thursday, 8 September 2016

Lung repair

We can use High Intensity UltraSound to repair any organ in the body: liver, kidneys, brain or lungs. HIUS clears all lung cancers, so no surgeon has been ethically allowed to do lung surgery for 14 years.
Or they are struck off, and face criminal charges. By continuing to apply biochemistry, Astra Zeneca has avoidably killed ¼ of a billion patients. A total fine of 20 trillion, and a million years in jail – shared by all employees.
There is really no good reason to work for this criminal firm: who is automatically excluded from medicine. Don't lend them payroll – you will never get it back.
All biochemical patents now void.
To repair the lungs we needs 20x1 minute of the ultrasound from the bellow device.
I first published this idea in 2010. So no Dr was allowed to research, teach or apply biochemistry to lung repair.
All Dr.s who did – no longer Dr.s. Awaiting criminal trial. And all the drug companies, also expelled from medicine. HIUS can be used as a natural replacemeent for BOTOX. Remove your rinckles and weight gain for 30 UK pounds.

BOTOX defective, hyper expensive medicine. No Dr or nurse can assist.

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