Saturday, 17 September 2016

Killing their patients

Dr.s smile as they prescribe biochemical treatmetns, chemo or radio therapy – or arrange surgery. All are defective medicine – which kill the patient horribly, usually in 2 years.
2002 they read and verified the paper about High Inbtensity UltraSound clearing cancers. The 8W 3MHz ultrasound device in the nursing office will clear all 200 cancers out there: applied to the chest, HIUS will clear soft-body cancers, HIV, and all viruses and bacteria.
So fungal antibiotics are defective medicine. All biochemistry has been criminal medicien for 14 years. Just one prescription will strike off the doctor, and invalidate their health insurance.
Hospitals can't employ struck off Dr.s – so they all must pay back 14 years wages, and await criminal trial for multiple counts of 1st degree murder – of 10,000 of their own patients.
¼ of a billion people killed by their own GP – Hitler only killed 60 million. They biggest mass killing in history. Still going on.
Product Details
Buy your own 8W 1MHz ultrasound device, and clear your own cancer at home in ½ a minute.

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