Saturday, 3 September 2016

Junior Dr.s never registered

Junior Dr.s never registered
All medical academics read and validated the high Intensity Ultrasound work in 2002: HIUS clears all cancers at 1 appointment.
All GPs have 8W 3MHz ultrasound equipment that clears cancers in 20 seconds. I use 8W 1 MHz ultrasound equipment that takes under 1 minute.  Junior Dr.s have killed off patients and the NHS.  For their own financial gain.
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This makes biochemical treatments, chemo and radio therapy plus surgery all defective medicine. Criminal.
Yesterday Cancer Research was pushing chemo therapy as a valid answer. It is not – it is fatal in a quicker time than biochemical treatments.
So the Charity Commission has the legal imperative to delete Cancer Research around the world, as registered charity. Pushing criminal medicine will probably get the top managers facing criminal trial.
Certain GPs are not allowed to apply defective medicine. It's tax free status should have been revoked 14 years ago. When its medics validated NIUS – but continued to push defective medicine. Criminal.
So everybody is allowed to get back their last 14 years of cancer prescription charges. The major cash flow of medicine. Repaid.
GPs can probably get back the money from the drug company – but only at the price of being struck off, and repaying all wages going back 14 years. They are not entitled to any pension.
HIUS also clears diabetes and heart disease – again all income returned to the individual or family.
Every avoidable death incurs a fine of 10 million, and 25 years in jail. These are supposedly the most ethical people on the planet. In the last 14 years, they have each deliberately, and avoidable killed 10,000 of their own patients for money.
And the world media has remained today silent – bought off by drug money.
So over the last 14 years, academics have taught students criminal medicine – which they have each used. Killing 2,000 people for money. Astra Zeneca has just been fined for paying Dr.s illegal inducements.
So all payments to Dr.s stopped. And junior Dr.s have huge debts, which they can't pay off.
But their lectures invalidated the medical degree. They must leave health – and have a court case against their medical school, for teaching criminal medicine.
Included Cambridge and Harvard. They are expelled from medicine for life. There health insurance is invalid – and they are automatically excluded from health. They will never work again.
Junior Dr.s have helped kill off the NHS, for ever. Dusing defective medicine means they will all die in jail.Invalid insurance – they could never ethically work in the NHS.


The Gnome said...

How can ultra sound cure cancer? Please explain the theory behind this claim please?

Jonathan Thomason said...

High Intensity Ultrasound causes pressurised cells like cancer to pop - vlering the cell line from the bodyL cancer cured

Jonathan Thomason said...

To the Gnome: How HIUS works
Ultrasound is dangerous stuff – above 180W 40kHz, we et deep tissue burns. AS the ultrasound set off Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
But this scales will cell pressure. And ALL cancers must have an overinflated nature in order to grow, in a viral sort of way. Body cells bud off the local stem cells and are never overinflated.
So at 8W 1MHz, cancer cell experieience cell conent boiling wiuthin ½ a minute. The local dendrite then ame kthe acitve human antibody, to clear the now dangerous cell type – so it targets the cancer DNA.
So ½ a mintue of HIUS will totally clear the cancer from the body.
The cheapest source of HIUS is a 8W 1MHzultrasound massage device.

Don't use the doctor, he does not understand nuclear fusion. Every Dr confirmed this sceicne in 2002. They are not allowed to research, teach or prescribe biochemistry.
Any graduating medic taught cell biology, haa had their Hippocratic oath invalidated. They are never insured, registered Dr – for 15 years.