Saturday, 24 September 2016

Increasing sea life

Life in the sea is powered by photosynthesis, converting CO2 in to biomass.
1 mCO2+nH2O+UV->Cm(H2O)n+mO2+E
One thing we can do, is site steam plasma tubes in the sea
2 H2O+TU->UV+E2
So we add UV light and heat. Making the dark seas now light and warm. It will melt the biologically inactive ice, to be lush underwater forests of plants and fish.
So we will boost the carbon cycle in the seas – and increase sea life. So we dot the tubes. Along the coast of major industrial countries. At present plants in the sea and on the land gobble up the available CO2 -leaving just a pre-industrial 2 parts per million CO2 in the air. The people who said there was 400ppm, down graded their 'estimates' to only 200ppm.
So from 200 times the biologically allowed level to exactly 100. Nature does not do exact multiples of 100 – this is made up data. That is biological non sense. Nature makes up 99.8% of the temperate areas of the world, which only leaves 2ppm in the afternoon air.
200ppm? How? Every afternoon. Back to 2ppm. The rest end up as biomass. Which the Fossil Fuels used to be – 'Fossil Fuels'. Fossilized life.
We then erect solar pumps, on major river outflows. During the day, they bubble air under the water. This increases the amount of CO2 taken by the world oceans. That are buffered by chalk – with a PhD of 7.
So this increases the amount of plant-plankton. Which increases the animal plankton. And also increases sea plant growth.
So we increase the amount of life in the seas – so increase fish numbers. But it will decrease plant growth on land – there is so little CO2 to go around. Man's extra CO2 only contributes 0.00004% to the available CO2.
In Australia they tried seeding the seas with additional phosphorous – where the seas were abnormally low in this mineral.
They produced an algal bloom – toxic to fish. So a good idea – but do it in moderation. We want more algae – but not an abnormal amount.
So we increase life in the seas. So more plant and animal grow. So we boost the sea carbon cycle. The carbon circles around – it does not go away.
And for the price of a solar pump, we boost fish stocks. So meaning the quota system is meaningless. Our fisherman will love it. Fisherman income will rise – and fish price fall.
Saving life on Earth? No. Nature already sinks all the CO2 it can get. Burning the Fossil Fuels boost life on Earth – nuclear power kills it. And quite possibly you.
 Fishing towns can set up chains of solar pumps along the near shore, and increase local fish stocks locally. So we are burning the burnt Fossil Fuels, into fish we can eat. Jessu was friends with fisherman. They are crucial to life.

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