Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Illegal plant

Sizewell A had a full planning commission – costing 100 million. ¼ of a billion at today's prices. They illegally extended the plant – to make Sizewell B.
This requires independent amassment by engineers not connected to the nuclear industry – never done.
And a planning variance commission – costing 30 million. Never done. So Sizewell b was always an illegal structure.
2 years after its construction Ukrainian nuclear experienced Chernobyl. The required insurance rose to 40 billion – not commercially available.
Never done. Somebody BOUGHT off the regulator. Simple corporate crime. A fine of 40 billion, and 25 years in jail for the plant manager AND regulator.
The government l;sawyers never enforced this British law. That is criminal.
Then in 2006 EDF demolished Sizewell A – which was beyond its design life and planning and was leaking. So it was operating illegally any way.
So Sizewell B was now an illegal extension, to a plant now demolished – that had operated outside planning anyway.
So the legal fine is in the tens of trillions. And all the managers and regulator die in jail – even if somebody invents immortality pills.
Hinckley B had planning until 1990. So it has operated illegally for 26 years. You can not extend an illegal plant. Hinckley C would require a full royal commission – and valid insurance.
Insurance cover of 100 billion is not available. So no operating license to start up the plant would ever be issued. So the UK government would not pay 1p of the construction costs. The Chinese consortium would pour 18 billion down the drain.
The plant is an illegal structure. And can never be legal. Theresa May will not be allowed to sign an illegal contract.

I am rather puzzled they let Margret Thatcher do so. Sizewell B NEVER legal. Issue immediate stop orders, back dated to 1984.

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