Friday, 2 September 2016

Illegal Astra

20 years ago, Astra Zeneca started inducing YOUR GP to prescribe its pills – rahter than cheaper compatibel pills from China. It gave away subsidised conferences, consumer electronics and even family holidays.
When a nursing friend of mine told me about this, I screamed 'ILLEGAL' over the Internet. The British council heard. They used a 8W 1 MHz ultrasound massage unit to clear their own cancers, and got the inducement program stopped.
Astra Zeneca thought about it for 2 years, seeing their market share slide by 25%. So they gave up being subtle – and just gave the GPs money. This was so illegal, they got fined 4 million on Wenesday, for their UK activities alone.
But Astra Zeneca are under the Hippocratic oath. Any illegal activity, and the whole company is excluded from medicine for ever.
They have just Astrad themselves int oa black hole. (Astra=star)

And there is no delay in the Hippocratic oath. Judgement on Wens, shut down on Thurs.

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